The still axis

still axisIt’s easy to lose sight of what is important in the happenings of daily living.

I keep a journal of things that have made me think deeply: treasure for the journey. Here is some treasure on how easy it is to get things wrong!

I know a wheel is starting to fall off when the meal I am preparing become more important than the people I’m preparing it for. When a point I am making becomes more important than the person I’m making it to. When my work becomes more important than the family I am working for. That’s how I can tell I’ve lost the still axis. When I lose sight of what’s more important. When I lose a sense of the sacredness of another human being, especially the human beings closest to me, the ones in my family.

These words are from Windows of the Soul by Ken Gire, a book I have read a couple of times and will read many more times.

It seems easy (to me) to relate to that sense of ‘a wheel starting to fall off’: it is that feeling of being out of kilter. I also know a little of ‘the still axis’ –¬† just a glimpse.

We are talking about things that are hard to express but at the core of living well. There is a still axis we seek – we seek it so that the wheel, the daily living, happens from a stable place. There is also love in the place we seek – we seek to give it and to receive it. I am reminded that love protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres.

It is a choice to seek the still axis. It is a choice to seek love. No-one says it is an easy choice. But it is a worthwhile choice.

We need others to help us on this journey. We can learn from one another how to better manage the noise within us and around us.

For me, it also takes me on a journey towards God where stillness and love seem to unite in a glorious whole – and even a glimpse is so beautiful it feeds my soul.

As we come into another week, let’s make choices that recognise the important. Let’s seek the still axis where the greatest thing is love.

This is Mindful Monday on 12 March 2018.

If you live in or near Cheltenham, join Julie Hill and Sara Shailer for an evening of mindfulness at the Oasis tonight, 7.30-9 pm. There is no charge but please get in touch to say you are coming so we can prepare the space for the right number of people.