Listen to you

listen to you

  • Flat out? Furloughed?
  • Lonely in a household? Crowded in a household?
  • Frightened? Stressed? Peaceful? Even relaxed?
  • Short of sleep? Plenty of sleep?
  • Emotionally drained? Emotionally stable?

It feels that there are different worlds at the moment, not based on the country we live in but the demands on our skills and our time – and the wellbeing of ourselves and those we love.

We may not have any choice over the cards we are dealt, but we can learn to play them as skilfully as possible.

Learning how to pace ourselves in whatever situation we find ourselves is a vital skill.

Take a minute today, sitting or walking, to notice messages your body is giving you. Our physical make-up tells us so much, if only we will pause to hear.

Listen to these messages, with gentleness. Don’t judge yourself. Accept what you find.

Just by noticing – listening – you will be the wiser; you will be better equipped to approach whatever situation you find yourself in today.

Be well.

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Breathing in, breathing out

Our breath

Our breath is our life. When we practice focusing on our breath – the breath that just comes in and goes out naturally, without us having to force it – we are likely to at least approach a place of  stillness, a place of being just as we are in the present moment.

We can use our breath to journey through our bodies, imagining breathing into different parts of our bodies. As we do this we will make discoveries: areas that have a range of sensations (tingling, tightness, soreness) and areas without sensation. We will connect with our bodies, both the parts we find easy to accept and the parts we find harder to accept. This can help us to treat our bodies with kindness (instead of the impatience we may so often resort to), starting a journey of acceptance of our bodies and ourselves just as we are.

Give it a go! Click through here to an mp3 file of a sitting meditation of just over seven minutes. It takes you on a journey through your body using your breath. It will help you on a journey of acceptance of your body and yourself.

I recorded this on the request of Sarah W after I used it at a mindfulness session last week. Sarah reckons it might help her get to sleep. Hope it works!

Enjoy each and every one of you!

This is Mindful Monday on 18 November 2019.

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