Truth rediscovered

Again and again

We need to re-discover truths again and again. Not because we doubt them but simple because they are so big.

Here’s one of those truths: the only moment we know is the present. However much energy we devote to the future, it is unknowable. The future is unchanged by our ruminations and anxious thoughts. Yet while we’re focused on the future, our present is impacted. We miss it in the fog of imagining what is yet to come.

We can control only how we respond to the present. Today – with all its burdens and responsibilities, its joys and opportunities. Happenings we would choose and those we would not choose.

If we can glimpse this truth, begin to accept it (again and again), we start to notice what is, to live more fully. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all panacea to the tough stuff of life; it is reality. As we put our energy into today – to notice what is and respond to it – the tomorrow that never comes will indeed take care of itself.

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Shuffling, limping or running?

As a group of us gathered for a mindfulness session earlier this week, a participant asked, “What is mindfulness? Are we meant to practice it every day?” Good questions which I thought I could explore in this blog.

What is mindfulness?

My own (probably clumsy) definition is that mindfulness is being intentionally aware of ourselves, others and the world around us. This for me includes being intentionally aware of God, my Creator and Provider, but for others it might not.

And I’d go a little further with a definition of mindfulness and add that once we are practicing being aware , we can then at times choose how we react or what we do with that awareness. Sure lots of things are beyond our control. But some things – like how I react to another person, an event, or when I do once realise how I feel about something – is within my control, to a degree at least.

Are we meant to practice it every day?

My aim is to continually grow in awareness – and therefore intentional living.

Some day it is right to the fore of my mind; some days it is only at the back of my mind. In a crisis I hope it will interwoven into who I am, helping me to manage well. What I know is that pursuing awareness is part of living life in all its fullness, something I believe each of us is born to do.

You might hear practicing awareness referred to as a journey. We discover a little more with each step (day). We can’t see round the next bend in the road but we can observe what we find in this stretch – the good and the bad – and walk on. Yes sometime we’re shuffling or limping; other times we are running. It isn’t a competition with the winner the first to arrive. It’s a journey to be savoured and shared with others, stopping off along the way for new discoveries.

Being mindful I guess is simply living each day to its fullest. Thanks Sue for the questions!

This is Mindful Monday on 18 January 2021.

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