The specialness of the every day

The specialness of the every day.

The every day of life. Pause. Look. See.

I just finished a novel about two friends. It’s called Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession. Nothing much happens and yet it was immersive. Why? Because the author does a great job of describing the every day of their lives. And in those every day moments – making breakfast, topping up the bird feeders, getting the shopping in, doing work, interacting with friends and family with moments of togetherness and moments of misunderstanding – there is joy.

What’s in your every day today? Pause, Look. See. Don’t miss the joy alongside the tough stuff.

This is Mindful Monday on 2 August 2021.

Be amazed


Midweek I managed to cut both my thumbs on a sharp edges of a can of chickpeas. It was painful. It was also a shock. And of course it was messy clearing up the kitchen and heavily bandaging (and re-bandaging!) both thumbs. Then it was awkward not putting pressure on my thumbs in the routine of everyday living.

A few days later and now without bandages, the cuts are healing. It is incredible to see. I am thankful.

Sometimes we fail to notice; sometimes we pay attention. When we pay attention we realise how wonderfully we are made.

There were moments of pain, shock, mess and awkwardness but these are now replaced with an awareness of the miracle of healing¬† and the joy of two thumbs in full working order! It isn’t always easy to pay attention but it puts us in a different place when we do.

This is Mindful Monday on 17 June 2019. Join Julie Hill and Sara Shailer in practicing an awareness of the present moment at the Oasis in Cheltenham at 7.30 pm tonight Рand then again on 8 July and 22 July. Email to book your place. There is no charge Рjust make a donation towards the cost of room hire on the night if you are able.





Joy doubled


If a trouble shared is a trouble halved, is a joy shared a joy doubled?

We met for an evening of mindfulness on the theme of ‘growing in joy’ last Monday. At one point in the evening we moved into small groups to share a photo or picture that gives us joy.

The photos and pictures were of loved ones (both people and pets!), the beauty of nature, creative pursuits enjoyed, and moments cherished. They were lovely to see. But what was more wonderful still was the face of each person as they shared. There is indeed joy in sharing in the joy of another.

Look today. Notice the joy of others. Be ready to see it. Be ready to be enriched.

This is Mindful Monday on 10 December 2018.

We meet for an evening of mindfulness on Tuesday 5 February on the theme of ‘growing in peace’. Book if you would like to come.