Julie Hill and Sara Shailer

Julie lives in Winchcombe and works in homecare. Prior to that she worked for a charity that supports families in the ups and downs of family life. A wife, mother and grandmother, Julie has hands-on knowledge of the importance of nurturing ourselves and others in body, mind and spirit.

Sara lives in Cheltenham and works as a business consultant and facilitator. She came across mindfulness years ago from reading a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the ‘father of mindfulness’ and subsequently on an NHS pain management course. She found it resonated with her curiosity on how to live well, including with her faith.

We are on a journey to live in the present moment with an open, non-judgemental attitude – and love to journey with others. Our experiences are rooted in a Christian faith – and Essence seeks to be relevant to you if you belong to a specific faith or spirituality as well as if you don’t.

So join us as we share our own experiences and you share yours, as much or as little as you wish to. It’s a journey of awareness with plenty of twists and turns in the road. We have found that walking part of the road together makes for a better journey!