The sound of silence

The sound of silence

I am (quietly!) reading about silence. Silence in the age of noise by Erling Kagge seeks to answer three questions: What is silence? Where is it? Why is it more important now than ever?

I feel the need for silence. Maybe even more so at this time of year when retailers put on and turn up the Christmas jingles.

Being in silence doesn’t mean being without noise: I live in a town and traffic is always audible; even in the countryside away from roads, there will be the sound of bird song or the wind. It is about a silence – or a quietness – within, rather than without.

Silence costs no money, and yet it feels like a luxury! Treat yourself.

If you aren’t familiar with being in silence, start with just ten minutes. Be patient as you hear the cacophony of noise within. Persist. Answer for yourself if silence feels like something not only luxurious but also important.

This is Mindful Monday @ on 13 December 2021.

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