A bedrock for living

Thankfulness in all circumstances, our bedrock

We can choose to make thankfulness a bedrock, a solid base for our lives.

I am a Christian and it is scriptural to give thanks in all circumstances. In fact Christians share an emphasis of living with thankfulness not only with Jews but also with Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus.

Psychologists advocate being thankful as key to good mental wellbeing as well as for building resilience to deal with all the tough stuff that is also an inevitable part of living.

Back to being thankful in all circumstances. This implies even in the midst of the tough stuff.

Each day has its challenges, the big and the small. As you become aware of a challenge, make a choice to pause and note something for which you are thankful. You’re not pushing away the challenge; you are simply rooting yourself in thankfulness to better deal with the challenge.

Give it a go.

This is Mindful Monday on 6 December 2021. http://www.essencecheltenham.org

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