Despite not because . . .

Despite not because – for when we procrastinate!

Over the last week I have become aware that I am constantly putting off a particular task. I have become innovative in identifying and acting on distractions, distractions I could blame others for but it wouldn’t be honest to do so!

It hasn’t made me feel good, knowing that the task still has to be done. In fact I have come to dread the task the longer I have put it off. Know that feeling?

Seeking better self understanding is often a good starting point so why am I procrastinating? Honesty often has a painful side even though it’s useful so here goes! I think it is because I can, at times, be a bit of a perfectionist and there are aspects of this task beyond my control that mean I can only complete the task to what I would call an ‘okay’ standard, not a great standard.

Becoming aware of this and accepting it is quite a relief. I need to accept what is possible to achieve – and accept that I feel negatively about the task.

As we accept the situation we are in and how we are feeling, ‘the sting’ or difficulty of the situation can sometimes reduce. We cease fighting; we practice acceptance. This means we are now not wasting our energy albeit the task is still daunting!

Despite the negative feelings, I will now do the task. So often we need to act despite how we feel – and this is one of those occasions. So finding a task difficult to get down to? Be aware. Be honest. Accept. And do, despite not because.

This is Mindful Monday on 13 September 2021.

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