Step by step

Pace yourself

Pacing ourselves isn’t easy.

It can be a challenge to plan how to do tasks in such a way that we are not stressed by them i.e. we schedule doing a task for when we have enough time and energy.

It can be an even bigger challenge to decide whether we are up to tackling a particular task in the first place. We may identify something as a ‘must do’ task when in fact it is a ‘nice to do if time/energy’ task.

Pacing becomes vital – and yet somehow more difficult! – at times when we are unwell, including experiencing increased physical pain or poor mental health.

So what helps us pace ourselves well?

Prioritise self care. Doing this will in fact put us in the best place to also care for others. It’s one of those ‘about face’ things!

Review the ‘must do’ tasks to identify those that we can move out of the ‘must do’. Sometimes we need help from a friend to do this. Alternatively, writing down what we are trying to do in a list can enable us to then revisit that list and identify those tasks that are essential to do and those that are not – we may find none of them are when we see them in black and white!

Learning to pace ourselves – in different situations and phases of our lives – is a life skill. Let’s keep learning. What we learn will help us journey towards being contented in all circumstances.

This is Mindful Monday on 16 August 2021.

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