Thankfulness, overflowing

Thankfulness. Let it flow.

Notice . . . and be thankful.

I have been intentionally noticing water, possibly because of a few days’ heatwave in the UK! And as I have practiced noticing it – being aware of it rather than just taking it for granted – I have been so thankful.

Turning the tap . . . to drink, to wash, to water plants. Going to a swimming pool and enjoying the coolness of the water. Watching (brief) rain . . . and breathing deep afterwards to smell the earthiness in the damp air. Watching a documentary about the Earth’s oceans and how their flow nurtures life.

Water, vital for life. Notice. Be thankful. Know the richness of what you have.

Just the act of choosing to notice and being thankful for one thing will change your perspective on so many things. Give it a go – today.

This is Mindful Monday on 26 July 2021.

One thought on “Thankfulness, overflowing

  1. Margaret Didcote says:

    I do so agree Sara. As I stand under my shower, I think of those carrying water for every single use and am so thankful .


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