Your pace – not theirs

I walked up hill behind someone this week. I tried to match their stride. I could do it for a short time but they were taller than I am – and perhaps fitter! – so it didn’t last for long. I couldn’t match their stride for any period of time.

Why was I trying to? Okay, that was just a momentary individual game on a walk but what if I was trying to do that generally in life? That would cause me to be constantly living at other people’s paces, seeking to be like other people, comparing myself with others.

It would mean I am missing finding my own pace, my own pattern, my own beliefs and values – the way I choose to live life and make sense of life. That would be a shame.

Each of us is unique. Our pace is unique. Explore your pace (not someone else’s). Celebrate your pace. Yes, we learn from the experiences of others. But we remain – uniquely – us!

This is Mindful Monday on 27 June 2021.

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