Cracked? Chipped? A bit wobbly?

Cracked? Chipped? A bit wobbly? And yet beauty?

At any time, there is so much happening to each of us: physically, emotionally, spiritually. And some of it is tough stuff: things not as we would have chosen.

When we notice that things are not as we would have chosen – they are far from perfect – we recognise our vulnerability. We sense our pain; we see the wounds.

And that’s okay (it’s not something to be feared but rather acknowledged with gentleness). We are all vulnerable. We are imperfect and the world we live in is imperfect.

All is far from lost. As we accept our vulnerability and acknowledge pain, we might yet find beauty – something good – comes from it.

We are all chipped. We are all a bit wobbly. When we see this most clearly, we may be on course to find treasure, something beautiful.

It doesn’t make the journey easy but let’s keep looking not for perfection – for we will never find it (in this world at least) – but let’s keep looking for what is and as we walk, keeping an eye out for the beautiful.

One thought on “Cracked? Chipped? A bit wobbly?

  1. Rachael says:

    Thanks, Sara. Sorry I have deserted you all.Life has taken all the energy I have and more recently! Well done for the way encouragements for us all keep coming. Rachael


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