Are you well?

How are you? Are you well? Common questions we ask one another. Questions we answer truthfully or otherwise, dependent on a host of factors.

At times of tragedy or crisis, the honest answer is miserable. At times of joy, we might report being ecstatic. Then there’s somewhere around the mid-point that might describe the everyday of living: we are neither miserable nor ecstatic but somewhere in between.

Asking and honestly answering the question ‘are you well?’ for ourselves is valuable. We might even see it as a ‘wellness scale’, becoming aware that we would score ourselves differently on any given day.

When the answer is well and truly miserable, we need to reach out for help – to friends, family, colleagues and/or professionals. When our answer is ecstatic, share your joy. But what about the in between place of the everyday? This is where we can routinely take action to nurture our wellbeing.

I bet you are expecting a list now of the things to do to nurture wellbeing. Such lists are all well and good at times but they can appear bland. If I gave you a list, the chances are you (and I) would simply pick something rather randomly from the list – and may be even add it to our ‘to do’ list for the day or week but this isn’t engaging with the unique person that you are.

Take a moment to explore the unique you in relation to wellness. Think back on last year to identify something you did that added to your wellbeing. Explore exactly what it was. Recall how it helped you. Ask yourself if you could build it into your routine for this week, month or year. Reflect on whether there is anything about the activity (or lack of activity!) that you could hone to make it even better in terms of nurturing your wellbeing. Commit to it.

You are now wiser. You can influence – at times at least – where you are on the wellness scale.

Be wise; be well.

This is Mindful Monday on 4 January 2021.

Join a virtual mindfulness gathering on zoom on Monday 11 January at 7 pm. Just email for details.

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