A shock. Unexpected. Unwelcome.

Those were my reactions to the government announcement this weekend changing Christmas plans in England, with similar announcements from the other nations.

Like me, you have probably been reacting to the announcement; you have been communicating with family and friends to unmake plans, plans for celebrations you were looking forward to – this year among all years!

We share a sense of disappointment. Acknowledging this is a good place to start dealing with it (as with many emotions that we find unpleasant).

Alongside acknowledging a sense of loss for what might have been, we can also consciously practice being thankful for what we do have.

Focusing on your Christmas plans, name three things for which you are thankful. It may be tough to do that but give it a go. Once you are aware of three things for which you are thankful, I bet you can think of three more . . . and three more . . .

This is Mindful Monday on 21 December 2020. Look out for dates of virtual mindfulness sessions at or

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