A winter of discontent?

We are in tough times. Many of us in the UK found it a shock to hear we would emerge during this coming week from national lockdown to being under further stringent measures in either tier 2 or tier 3. (Or should I say tears 2 or tears 3?)

Regardless of our views on the measures in place and our specific situations, the phrase “winter of discontent” seems apt. Yet sad.

Instead of being discontent, we can choose to be content. This would mean discovering that we are satisfied with what we have or, put another way, we know that we have enough.

We can make this discovery even alongside recognising there are things that we would want otherwise. It isn’t about ignoring the tough stuff; it is about choosing to notice and be thankful for those things that we do have.

When we practice being thankful for what we have, we take a big step towards contentment. It’s a path worth taking.

Practising being thankful means intentionally bringing to mind things that we are thankful for. To help us do this we might choose to make a list or draw pictures. If we are in a household of more than one, how about discussing the things we are thankful for at a meal? (Food tends to bring out the thankfulness in most of us, especially during lockdown!)

The phrase “winter of discontent” is in a Shakespeare play. A character starts a speech, “Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York.”

Is it possible that our winter of discontent can be transformed – seem like summer (or even just a little sunnier) – by our intentional thankfulness?

This is Mindful Monday on 30 November 2020.

Join others for an evening of mindfulness on zoom next Monday evening 7 December at 7 pm. Simply email hello@essencecheltenham.org for details.

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