Take care

Self care is vital.

We live in uncertain times. In the UK we join many others around Europe in a period of lockdown. Some of us will be cheered; others of us will be dispirited.

We all react differently to uncertainty but for many of us it increases our stress levels. If this is true for you, make a plan on how you can increase your self care.

Is this selfish? No, you are a VIP – so is everyone else of course but that doesn’t diminish your importance. And of course if you keep well you are more able to look out for others.

Think back to a flight and recall the safety announcement about oxygen masks: it’s always put your own oxygen mask on before helping others with theirs.

What does caring for yourself look like for you this week? (Actually pause and answer the question. Is it about time for sleep or a hobby? Choosing what you eat? Intentional contact with friends or family? The options are numerous but only you can answer the question for yourself. Go for it.)

This is Mindful Monday on 2 November 2020.

Join others on a journey of wellness on zoom at 7 pm on Monday 16 November. Just email hello@essencecheltenham.org for details.

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