I sat on a bench today that was too high for my legs to touch the ground. I enjoyed sitting and swinging my legs – as I would have frequently done as a child.

We may sometimes use and hear being childish as a criticism. Here I want to celebrate and encourage moments when we can be childlike.

Do you have memories as a child of being totally focused on or immersed in what you were doing – lost in the moment?

Maybe you have memories like me of sitting and swinging your legs, simply enjoying being.

Maybe you too have held onto the child in you that loves to kick autumn leaves.

I realise each of us will have had our own unique experience of childhood, positive and otherwise. I hope as you read this you can recall positive moments like those I have described.

Let’s celebrate being childlike.  Today and throughout this week, welcome moments when you can be childlike – and (once again) be curious and open to fun. Enjoy emerging refreshed.

As I sat on the bench today, swinging my legs, I knew again that I am a child with a heavenly father, a child of God. That is a good place to be, whatever the happenings around us.

2 thoughts on “Childlike

  1. Bonnie says:

    My bed is really high & one of my exercises I do twice a day is to swing my legs (& my arms)! Swinging legs this way is actually good for bad knees which is why I do it.


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