Sight is an amazing sense. To be able to look and see what is around us is a gift. But what we see can become our ‘dominant’ sense, reducing our use of our other senses.

Whether outdoors or indoors  – in a safe place – take a few minutes to be still and nurture your other senses. Shut your eyes.

Listen. Notice the sounds you can hear.

Smell. Notice any smells – you may be surprised what comes to your nostrils when you are intentionally noticing smells!

Taste. This may sound strange, as this is not an eating meditation, but is there any ‘taste’ in the air? Classics for me are walking past a clump of wild garlic or being by the sea. It is ‘as if’ I taste them.

Feel. It is likely your fingers are in contact with something. Notice the texture of what they are touching. It might be your other hand, the clothes you are wearing, the arms of a chair. Pay attention also to any feeling on other parts of your skin, such as the sun or wind on your face.

This is just a few minutes of your day but it will awaken your senses, helping you to ‘sense’ more widely through the activities of the rest of the day.

This practice will also make you thankful for the gift of all your senses, so precious and yet all too often passing us by.

This is Mindful Monday on 7 September 2020.

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