water drop

On wet days growing up, I remember singing the nursery rhyme “Rain rain go away, come again another day.” Child or adult, it would be an appropriate ditty for many of the days we are having in the UK, rather typically as August draws to a close!

The rain we are experiencing is part of the water cycle central to our own survival as well as that of animals and plants. Blue is the dominant colour in pictures of Earth from space; 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Water is vital for life – or put the other way, without water there would be no life.

This last week I have had containers of tap water set aside, following a warning from my water company of works in the area that could disrupt or taint the water supply. This made me more conscious of all the practical uses of water through each day including drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking, and growing plants. We also use water for wellness: a bath gets us clean but it can also be relaxing. And we may even use water imagery to express our spiritual needs, such as a desire for spiritual cleansing.

Starting now for 24 hours, pay attention to all the uses you make of water.

As you drink it, recall that every living cell needs it to function. Notice your thirst; relish drinking. Notice how your body uses that water to regulate your body temperature, whether you prefer to describe it as glistening or sweating! Notice how it flushes waste through your system. It is even lubricating your joints as you move.

And on through 24 hours . . . let’s notice our use of water.

As we pay attention to it, we will find ourselves thankful.

When we practice thankfulness, we find ourselves happier – and even more able to cope with the tough stuff of life.

If you are on the last week of summer holidays with others in your household, turn it into a household activity. If you work in a team, turn it into a team activity. Notice together. Be thankful together.

This is Mindful Monday on 24 August 2020. Look for details of virtual mindfulness sessions coming soon!



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