Through all weathers


flexing not breakingFour years ago, I bought a tree. I have a ‘normal-size’ garden so this is not something I ever expected to do.

I have always enjoyed silver birches and remember hugging one once on a visit to Norway! So one afternoon, it was a silver birch that I chose.

I can see the silver birch from the kitchen. Every day, rain or shine, I enjoy looking at it, noticing how it changes.

One thing has remained the same through its growth phases. I notice this trait especially on windy days. Despite the tree’s trunks growing thicker, they still flex in the wind. It is incredible to watch it in a storm, swaying to and fro, yet firmly rooted.

All of us are experiencing changes resulting from COVID-19. Some of us might describe it as breezy – there is change but it isn’t interrupting our daily lives much; some of us might describe it as stormy – our world is powerfully impacted and at times almost unrecognisable from what we knew.

The silver birch reminds me that being flexible is part of resilience. Let’s choose to sway in the winds of change, rather than (pointlessly) resist them. For sure, we might prefer it was a sunny, still day but we will experience all weathers. Being flexible will enable us to survive – and even continue to grow – as the silver birch has done.

This is Mindful Monday on 20 July 2020.

Join a virtual zoom mindfulness session on Monday 27 July at 10.30 am. Email to receive details.

There is also an opportunity for a limited-households, socially distanced outdoor mindfulness session, either tonight (20 July) or Monday 27 July 6.45-8.15 pm. Get in touch to give me your preference if you would like to come to the outdoor event.

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