Feel like curling up?

Feel like curling up_

Change is in the air: some of it we welcome; some of it we fear; some of it we oscillate between welcome and fear.

Personally I am not sure whether to welcome or fear an impending haircut: the hairdresser may not like the ‘interim cut’ approach my household has adopted but I would welcome a professional pair of scissors!

We want to be resilient. We want to cope. We’d even like to grow in the process. But it isn’t easy.

Facing change can cause us to withdraw from others – almost to curl up in ourselves in an act of self-protection. And yet this actually reduces our resilience!

To build our own resilience, we need to care and connect with others. We need to set our own experience within the experience of others, appreciating a common humanity amidst all our differences. This will give us perspective; it will also give us joy, an antidote to fear.

If you feel like curling up in an act of self-protection, recognise it, not critically but with kindness to yourself.

And then take a risk. Be intentional about showing care to someone else. What can you plan to do for whom and when? It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture – it may be a smile and a friendly word across the garden fence; it may be truly listening to a friend.

Be intentional in your action. Also, be intentional in noticing the impact of that action on you. You may find you ‘uncurl’ a little bit; you are stronger.

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