I recently spoke to a woman who had and is facing many challenges. She gave me a glimpse of the support she had received to move forward despite these challenges and explained how she is now in a place where she can appreciate living life. As I listened, I knew that this person had courage. Yes, the willing help of others had been vital on her journey. But her courage had also been vital.

In the conversation, I used the word ‘vulnerable’. Immediately she came back – politely but firmly – saying she disliked the word ‘vulnerable’. She explained that rather than labelling ourselves or others as ‘vulnerable’ we would be better placed to focus on our need for being empowered.

Along with other Christians I have just celebrated Pentecost. Pentecost is a celebration of God’s Spirit coming to earth to empower Jesus’ followers to live life more fully, including by loving others as ourselves.

For me, God is the creator who made us, breathing life into us. Pentecost reminds me that God wants to continue to breathe life into each of us still today, through his Spirit. I often pause to notice my breath coming in and going out. As I do this, I remember that it is God’s Spirit that breathed life into me on my conception and still does today, a natural relationship.

It takes courage to allow others to help us; we have to be willing. It takes courage to seek God’s Spirit; again we have to be willing. When we ask others for help, the answer may vary. When we ask God to empower us, his Spirit – a Spirit of Love and Life – will enter us.

Pentecost is a festival worth celebrating – it isn’t a consumer-fest like Christmas and to an extent Easter – and may be that allows us to celebrate it more simply and more deeply. Breathe. Breathe in the Spirit of God if you choose. Be empowered.

This is Mindful Monday on 1 June 2020.

I will make known the day and time of next virtual mindfulness session on Zoom next week asap!




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