Taste the difference

savour each mouthful

Meals can be focal points for our day – and this may be even more the case than usual in lockdown.

We can eat our food without noticing. Our plate is cleared or the packet empty before we know it! We can make it a richer experience by savouring each mouthful. This might mean switching off the TV or turning our attention away from other distractions. If we are sharing the meal with others in our household it might mean getting everyone involved in the ‘noticing’.

Look at and smell the food. As you bring it to your mouth, notice how your mouth salivates in readiness to receive it. As you put the food in your mouth notice the texture as well as the taste. Chew each mouthful before you swallow.

As we notice our food, we may also find we grow in appreciation of all those who were involved in getting it to us: farmers, pickers, factory workers, drivers, market traders, and retail workers. Well done if you grow at least some of your own food: appreciate those who developed the best of seeds and agricultural best practice. Expertise and hours of work went into providing us with each meal.

Let’s be thankful: for each mouthful we eat and for the people who brought it to us. Bon appetit!

This is Mindful Monday on 17 May 2020.

Join Sara Shailer for a virtual mindfulness session on zoom at 10.30 am on Monday 25 May. Simply use Facebook (essencecheltenham) or email hello@essencecheltenham.org.



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