Special you


You are unique. No-body else looks and thinks exactly like you – even identical twins have different experiences and fingerprints. You are unique; you have a unique perspective.

You are valuable – a sample of one tends to add value! You have a value just for being you. I am sure you play your part in making the world a better place. But even if you didn’t – or couldn’t – you are of high worth. Why? Because you are you. Simply that.

I was sad this week when I heard that someone furloughed from their employment felt that this indicates their low worth. I hope their employer genuinely wants to retain their skills for the long term. But even if they didn’t – or couldn’t – that person is still of high worth. Employed or unemployed, furloughed or working, key worker or not a key worker, retired or working – whatever – you are valuable.

Pause with me. Re-affirm: ‘I am unique.’ ‘I am valuable.’ ‘I am special.’

This is Thoughtful Thursday on 7 May 2020. Join Sara Shailer for a zoom mindfulness session at 10.30 am on Monday 11 May. Email hello@essencecheltenham.org to book your place and receive the details to join.

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