New leaf

Grow strong

Spring is a beautiful season. In the south of the UK at least leaves are freshly unfurled, while further north leaves may be yet to come.

A leaf is a ‘food factory’ and photosynthesis is one of those stunning, amazing, incredible feats of nature!

Our gardens and shops seem to be doing a good job of keeping us fed. There is also plenty of emphasis on exercise (and yes, we have heard it is for an hour!).

We need to care for ourselves physically. We need to also engage mentally/emotionally and, I believe, spiritually to be whole.

Plants make use of light together with water, carbon dioxide, minerals and water. We make use of food and movement – and what else?

Today notice what you are drawing on for your mental, emotional and spiritual growth. If you are ‘blank’ on one or more of these, consider what input you need and seek it.

As you do this, you could for example identify value in pursuing a new area of knowledge, talking to someone about how you are feeling, or practicing stillness and opening yourself to the Spirit of the Divine.

Photosynthesis is amazing. You too are amazing. Grow strong.

This is Mindful Monday on 27 April 2020.

If you use zoom, do join us for a virtual session of mindfulness today at 10.30 am. Simply email before 10 am to say you would like to come and I will send you the link.


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