Hollow eggs and hopefulness


Make peeling eggs simple, fast and fun
Peeling hard-boiled eggs gets tedious and takes too much time. But help is on hand with this Quick Egg Peeler.

So reads the beginning of a sales pitch in a magazine that came free in my TV guide this week. (I leave you to google it if an egg-peeling help mate is the very thing you need right now.)

There are things I would appreciate a hand with making “simple, fast and fun” but peeling eggs – for me – simply isn’t one of them!

Eating an Easter egg on the other hand has proven to be “simple, fast and fun”. A sweet experience! And I hope you have had one too!

Hollow chocolate eggs have come to be associated with Easter: the shell a reminder of the tomb to which Jesus’ body was taken; the hollowness a reminder that Jesus rose to life. Resurrection. New Life. Hope.

As we remain in the midst of the Big Shut-in, for those of us who are not key workers limited time may not be an issue. But all of us are looking for hope.

Being mindful does mean living in the moment, noticing what is present right now. I find no conflict though in also hoping for a time when Covid 19 is no longer a threat, and projecting my thoughts into the future to visualise a change. The current situation will pass.

  • When you find yourself impatient with the present, pause, remind yourself ‘it will pass’, because it will.
  • Identify what you can do to make the present situation better. For many of us this is to stay home. Some of us are helping the vulnerable. Some of us are working in other vital roles. Many of us pray.
  • Visualise a moment in your future where there is no social distancing or a rising death toll from Covid 19. It might be a moment gathered with friends or family. It might be a moment with work colleagues. Being intentional in ‘seeing this’ moment will give you energy for the demands of today. It will keep you hopeful.

Be present; be hopeful.

This is Mindful Monday on 13 April 2020.


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