Seek balance

The Royal Ballet is offering videos to get us started in ballet during The Big Shut-in. Apparently it improves our balance. Balance matters: it prevents us falling.

But let’s think about balance more broadly than our physical ability. We need balance in our daily activities: it prevents us falling, emotionally.

What does balance look like in our daily activities? Sure it includes physical activity, ballet itself is optional! Physical wellness includes looking after ourselves and others in our household by eating and drinking well (and maybe watching how many times a day we open the cookie jar? It’s weird for some of us suddenly being at home during the week!).

A good balance also includes brain activity. If this is usually through your work and you are at the moment unable to work, consider what you enjoy doing that stretches your brain – now include it in your schedule. Enjoy + good for me = most likely to keep it up! Hate + good for me = a day at most!

We are social creatures, some of us more so than others but all of us to some degree! Particularly if you are in a solo household at the moment, intentionally make time to catch up with friends and family. Sure phone and video are not the same as face to face. But when we seek to listen well when we are speaking to others (forget multi-tasking and focus), good conversation is still possible. And may be if you are in a multiple household at the moment, make time to be alone.

A good balance also includes looking after our wellbeing and engaging our spirits. For many of us time looking at nature (whether in pictures or in the outdoors) refreshes us, even if we can’t quite pin down why this is but it does! For many of us taking time to meditate and/or pray will be part of the balance.

Sometimes balance including making decisions about what we don’t do as well as what we choose to do. Let’s not immerse ourselves in the 24:7 news reports. Let’s choose when and how to take news on board. It is not about closing our eyes to what is happening around the world; it is about managing ourselves well with a balance of news and a focus on other things.

Seek balance; be well. Ballet optional!

This is Thoughtful Thursday on 2 April 2020.

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