Through a window

Gently. Kindly.

In these unusual times we are practicing keeping a distance from one another. When we are outdoors at all, we are learning to cross the road if we need to so that we can maintain that distance.

In these unusual times we will now – usually – catch a glimpse of others perhaps through a window. Or see them framed on a laptop or mobile phone screen.

We are experiencing others in new ways. We are also perhaps experiencing ourselves in new ways; we are perhaps more often on our own. This is a new window – or a different time – when we can grow in our understanding of ourselves.

Look outward at others with gentleness and kindness. Look also at yourself with that same gentleness and kindness. Neither of these are easy to do. Practice.

As you notice others and yourself, you will start to see afresh. You will have fresh insights. Don’t shy away from what you see: gently, kindly, explore them. Treasure them.

As we do spend more time on our own, we may find we catch a glimpse of our inner selves, our souls. The intrinsic self. The whole self. The ‘body, mind and spirit’ self.

I have sensed this during last week – and hope to continue the journey this coming week. Join me.

At moments I have sought to draw close to God. I am reminded of something expressed by the writer C S Lewis, “I pray because I cannot help myself”. Whether it is your usual practice to pray or not, you may – in these unusual times – find yourself saying a prayer. Perhaps there is something deep within each of us that reminds us we are not alone.

This is Mindful Monday on 30 March 2020. Please share it with someone you know who may find it useful.

Coming soon to a screen near you! Virtual opportunities to share the journey.




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