notice the good

However you look at it we are in tough times.

I am reading Factfulness by Hans Rosling with a chapter called ‘The Negativity Instinct’. It points to our instinct to notice the bad more than the good.

We feel the world is in a bad place. And I agree. It is. Everything is not fine. We should be concerned.

The solution is not to pretend that everything is fine. That would be ridiculous. Instead we need to notice that things are both bad  and good.

News of bad events will reach us quickly (and is available 24:7). News of the good – the things we are thankful for – may need us to take action. We need to be intentional in noticing them.

Volunteer to look for the good (while of course recognising the bad). And do it now.

What are three things that you are thankful for right now? (The sunshine? A cuppa? Faithful friends?)

And as you go about your day, remind yourself (and others), what are three things I am thankful for right now? What are three things you can be thankful for right now?

Be well. Be mindful. Be thankful.

This is Thoughtful Thursday on 26 March 2020. You can follow this post or sign up top right for an email each time there is a new post (generally on Mondays and Thursdays!).

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