Like driftwood?


It was fun recently to wander along a shoreline looking for driftwood.

I found some amazing pieces. Twisted. Bleached. Burrowed. Evidence of a long journey with the actions of the sea, the sun, and small creatures. Each piece individual. The more twisted, bleached and burrowed pieces the most interesting. And for interesting, read beautiful.

We too journey. Along that journey there are times when we are shaped by the actions of life – the equivalent of being twisted, bleached and burrowed! Recall such a time?

We may recall the process as being unpleasant or at least not enjoyable. We wouldn’t have volunteered.

And yet as we recall a difficult – even tumultuous – time, can we see something that would not have been possible without the process? Can we see something interesting? Is it perhaps even beautiful?

Take time to pause. Take time to see beauty.

This is Mindful Monday on 16 March 2020. 

Join Julie Hill and Sara Shailer for an evening of mindfulness on the theme of journeying to wholeness tonight at the Oasis, 7.30-9 pm. To book your place email (no charge – just make a donation to room hire if you are able)

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