Kindness. It is a good thing. Right?

I looked up a definition of kindness: “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate”. Yup, it’s still a good thing.

I have noticed something over recent years. I try to be kind to others  but I find it hard to be kind to myself.

I have discovered that this is common. Many of us seek to be kind to others but are not so sure or unable to be kind to ourselves.

There is a profound teaching for how to live life that I meditate on with regularity. (It is profound so it is going to be a long journey of discovery!) Love others as you love yourself.

Kindness is an aspect of love. So . . . Be kind to others as you are kind to yourself.

We are well into the new year. You may have a new year resolution you are continuing with but struggling or that you have given up on. Let’s take it a step further. Be kind to yourself.

Kindness doesn’t mean self indulgence. It means showing consideration to yourself.

When we seek to practice kindness to ourselves we learn a little more of how to love ourselves – and others.

This is Mindful Monday on 13 January 2020.

If you live in or near Cheltenham, join Sara Shailer and Julie Hill for an evening of mindfulness at the Oasis on the evening of Monday 3 February. To book email


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