Face – it

Face - it. Notice. Be the wiser.

We are in a different season. Whether you love it, dislike it or oscillate in between, we are at a time of year when we many of us are fortunate enough to change from our usual schedules, perhaps spending more time with friends and family, perhaps albe to make more choices on how we spend our days, perhaps celebrating Christmas – and probably with most of us eating and drinking a wee bit more than the norm!

At times in this season, we may ‘disconnect’ with ourselves or, put another way, fail to notice what is happening inside us.

Here is a technique for re-connecting. It is simple. It only takes a short while. And yet it tells much.

Gently with kindness, explore your face, the boniness of your chin, moving up to explore your cheeks bones, up to your temples, across your brow, round your eye sockets and down your nose, circling your mouth before exploring your ears and your earlobes.

As you do this exploration you will notice different textures in your skin. You will also notice that you come across tension at times, perhaps in your temples, brow or round your eyes. Notice the tension.

Just by noticing tension some of it may dissipate. It is almost as if our bodies want to express what is happening, to ensure we hear. When we hear, the job is sometimes done and we can release the tension. Sometimes the tension is deeper and will not (yet) release but being aware of it will influence you on choices you make in the minutes, hours and days that follow.

May be as we touch our own face, it helps us to face what is happening within us. Touch reveals much. And we are the wiser for it.

This is Mindful Monday on 23 December 2019. May you know joy and peace in this season when we celebrate love came down.

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