Opening our eyes

thankfulness changes everything

Sometimes it’s almost as if we need the mist cleared from our eyes. We miss much. We fail to notice. We are too busy to notice.

And the day passes. We end it as we began it. The mist covering our eyes.

We can choose to open our eyes. We begin to notice. We notice the good – alongside the difficult. It only takes a moment.

For the good, we can choose to be thankful. For life; for our breath.

For me I am fortunate. Today I have water to wash, clothes to wear, food to eat and shelter from the elements. I am doubly fortunate that I am with – and recall – people I love.

As we choose to be thankful, our perspective changes. Give it a go and make a list of what you can be thankful for right now.

(At the end of writing your list of thankfulness, I wonder if you find the difficult is still there but somehow it’s different.)


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