Travel light

ditch the clutter

I have that challenge today many of us will have encountered. I have a short flight with hand baggage only. It is not just the usual sized bag I have used for decades but an extra-slim variety, which made many of us have to buy new carry-on cases a couple of centimeters shorter in recent years. I can only assume the airlines that introduced this change had investments in luggage companies!

But as I sort out now what I actually need with me, there is a silver lining. It reminds me to travel light. On possessions, what do I need? Ditch the clutter.

And then I become aware of my thoughts. Which thoughts are useful? Ditch the clutter.

It is a life-long journey of living simply and I am only a short distance on the road – but I know it will be a good journey.

This is Mindful Monday on 25 November 2019.

If you live in Cheltenham or nearby, join Sara Shailer and Julie Hill for an evening of mindfulness on the theme of our inter-connectedness with others, next Monday 2 December, 7.30-9 pm at the Oasis. To book, email



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