Unique you


We met last Monday for an evening of mindfulness focused on the theme of each of our uniqueness. We made an intentional choice – knowing that our minds often do otherwise – to focus on the positives about each of our characters.

In twos we each spoke for a couple of minutes of things we loved. From this our ‘listener’ fed back a strength they could see.

After we had chosen a card and chosen a paper on which to print one or more of our finger prints, we each had that strength to put inside our card. The rest of it private, we spent ten minutes individually reflecting on what might be some of our strengths, writing them inside the card.

I heard from a fellow participant in the evening during this week:

Those ‘finger/thumb print’ cards we all made were so unique, alright and such an unusual idea – mine is displayed in quite a prominent place and all those affirmations such nice reminders of our attributes – thanks!

Maybe you weren’t with us last Monday. What if you paused and reflected for a moment? Note a strength. Write it down. Note another strength. Write it down also. You have just had two important moments. You have just realised two strengths – which combined with all the other strengths you have – make you unique. Uniquely wonderful.

This is Mindful Monday on Monday 23 September.

Join Julie Hill and Sara Shailer for an evening of mindfulness once more on the theme of uniqueness: Monday 4 November at the Oasis, 7.30-9 pm. Email hello@essencecheltenham.org to book your place – it helps us to know how many to prepare the space for.



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