Story time

Story time

I recently sent a children’s book about Elmer the elephant to a niece in Australia – her two boys liked it so much that I think their parents know it by heart and have had to limit how often it is read!

Even as adults we like a good story. We may prefer to read or watch a story. A good story engages our emotions and takes us on a journey. It entertains us but it may also enlighten us i.e. we learn something along the way.

It is many years since I first read Spencer Johnson’s best-selling self-help book The Present: the secret to enjoying your work and life, now! I have probably read it over a dozen times. It is a short: I know because I re-read it on a train in 1.5 hours this week. It has big print, for those of us that still choose the printed version and might be pleased to have a bigger print size! It is a light read with characters that are easy to identify with.

But being short, big print and a light read are not the reasons I have read it so many times. I have read it so many times because it contains insights that ring true – and I find I take something different away each time I read it.

In fact I am just about to co-facilitate a mindfulness course of three sessions that includes a brief story time each session. Time to sit back, listen and – each of us in our own way – learn.

Alongside the story time we will also use meditation, discussion, video, music, and poetry – ah yes and we will listen to one another. There’s gold in the sharing.

This is Mindful Monday on 10 June 2019. Join Sara Shailer and Julie Hill for three sessions of mindfulness on Monday evenings 17 June (being in the present), 8 July (being in the present while learning from the past) and 22 July (being in the present while helping to create the future).








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