When we think of getting rich, we might imagine winning the lottery, discovering an unexpected inheritance or getting a highly paid job.

I got rich the other week.

I met up with a group of four friends whom I first got to know over a decade ago. We met on a mindfulness pain-management course at Gloucester hospital. Changes in geography and work/life commitments meant we hadn’t all met as a group for around four years, although some of us were able to keep in more regular contact.

And I knew I was rich. Rich to be accepted as I am. Rich to hear of life happenings from day-to-day matters to major changes. Rich to be listened to with interest. Rich to laugh together. Rich to celebrate together. Rich to commiserate together. Very rich indeed.

I realised after we had met that I hadn’t taken a photo of the occasion. But you know there is a joy from simple friendship that is imprinted deep within.

May you too find riches in your week. Pause to notice just how rich you are!

This is Mindful Monday on 13 May 2019. If you live in Cheltenham or nearby, join Sara Shailer and Julie Hill for an evening of mindfulness tomorrow, Tuesday 14 May 2019,
7.30-9 pm.


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