Road ahead

road ahead

It is another eve. New year’s eve. Whether we ponder awhile or just give it a passing thought, we look back at the year that has been and look forward at the year ahead.

We may see a rich tapestry in the year that has been: perhaps we recognise the happy and the sad, the chaotic and the orderly, bounty and hardship, friendship and loneliness, fulfilment and frustration? And as we look ahead, we know the precise pattern will be different, yet it will be a tapestry all the same. Different; yet the same.

Enjoy this story. May you find your Magical City in the year to come!

Once there was a man who had grown tired and cynical. Nothing brought him wonder of joy, and life itself held no magic. One day he decided to leave his hometown, where everything was familiar, and search for the perfect Magical City where had heard that all was different, new, full and rewarding. so he left. On his journey he found himself in a forest. He settled down for the night, prepared a fire, and had a bite to eat.

Before the man retired for the night he was careful to take off his shoes and point them toward his destination. However, while he slept a tramp came during the night and, seeking some fun, turned the shoes around. When the man awoke the next morning he carefully stepped into his shoes and continued on his way to the Magical City. After a few days, he found it – not quite as large as he had imagined. In fact, it looked somewhat familiar. He found a familiar street, knocked on a familiar door, met a familiar family he found there, and lived happily ever after.

Story taken from Godzone: A guide to the travels of the soul by Michael Riddell, The Pilgrim Press, 2002.

This is Mindful Monday on 31 December 2018. Join us in 2019 to share life’s journey and practice being mindful of the moment.

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