The wonder of water


wonder of water

Water can look so different, according to the setting, whether it is fresh or salt water, and indeed what is reflected in it.

I found it fascinating seeing how three teams of model railway enthusiasts went about using actual water or alternative materials to represent water in a competition for Channel 5 this week (The Great Model Railway Challenge). While I am not a model railway enthusiast, I enjoyed the skills and the choices the enthusiasts made – albeit with mixed results!

The sight of water can be refreshing, whether in a river, a lake or the sea – and even in the raindrops!

We also use it every day, here in the UK pouring from our taps. We wash in it, brush our teeth with it, drink it and cook with it.

Join me this week and practice thankfulness for the water we have both in the sights and the uses that refresh us.

This is Mindful Monday on 5 November 2018.

If you live in or near Cheltenham, join us for an evening of mindfulness on the theme of ‘growing in joy’ on Monday 3 December.

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