Living forwards

Life must be lived forwards but is only understood backwards.


This was beautifully carved on stone in a seasonal exhibition of sculptures I saw last year (Showborough House Sculpture Garden). It was actually on a path so you had to avoid actually walking on it.

It is a great visual of the truth that we can only live in each moment. And yet there is learning as we reflect back on the journey.

I walked one way over the stone – and of course back the other way too.

Sometimes it takes more courage than other times either to do the walking forwards or the learning from the past but there is health in both.

This is Mindful Monday @ essencecheltenham on 3 September 2018. 

If you have ever come to an Essence Cheltenham event, please give your input this week to help us plan our forthcoming gatherings.

Here are some suggestions of things you might want to feedback on but input as occurs to you. How do you find the blend of activities at sessions, including types of activities you find less or more useful? How do you find the mix of body, mind and spirit-focussed activities? How do you find the regularity of gatherings at every 4-6 weeks? How do you find the (most usual) venue at the Oasis Cheltenham? Do you have a preference for night of the week? Would you like to do a more regular mindfulness course, meeting say every week or every other week for something like three to six weeks, or some variant on that?

How can you give your input? You can use messenger or email If you are happy writing down your input do it through messenger or by email.

If you prefer to talk through your input send a message through messenger or email – or add a comment on Facebook – and we can arrange a time for a call or to meet up.




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