Our story

Once upon a time . . . who I am . . .

We each have a story to tell. It is story about how we see ourselves. Who we are.

I heard an ancient story this week. There were three characters in the story: a father and his two sons.

One son’s view of himself was ‘I am not worthy’. Or you could phrase it in a dozen of similar ways such as  ‘I am hopeless’, ‘I am a bad person’, ‘I have done bad things’, ‘I am unlovable’. You get the picture.

The other son’s view of himself was ‘I am hard done-by’. Or he could equally have said ‘I am angry’, ‘I am bitter’, ‘I am taken advantage of’, ‘I am unloved’.

The third character, the father, reached out to both of them, with love. He gave them everything he had. Both sons seem to miss that they are loved.

The ancient story is told here. It is a story about how the divine reaches out to each of us with love in our unworthiness or our bitterness – whatever our state.

I wonder how different the sons’ stories would have been if they had paused to notice, if they had been able to say ‘I am loved’. It changes everything. It changes who we are.

We don’t know what happens next. What if the sons experienced that love? What if their story became ‘I am loved’. It is a very different place from where they were. It is a place of life and living.

This is Mindful Monday on 6 August 2018.

If you live in or near Cheltenham, join Sara Shailer and Julie Hill on Tuesday 21 August 7-8.30 pm for an evening of mindfulness in the outdoors (weather permitting). The theme is the ‘gallery of the outdoors’. As usual all activities will the optional and there will be time for shared meditation as well as individual reflection. No charge and no donation. Contact us to confirm details of the venue.

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