Tomorrow, I will . . .


Do you – like me – suffer from procrastination? I fail to act now – in the moment – but instead put something off for another day. The more I do this, the more I come to dread the task. It grows in complexity in my mind. It grows in the amount of time I expect it to take.

Clearly there are some things that we need to put aside to deal with on another day – but these things that I leave tend to be small things that I could do in the moment I think of them.

Mindfulness is about practicing awareness of the present moment. It is about being aware – of ourselves, of others – and (for me) of God. And yes it can take us to a place of stillness (inactivity) but it can also take us to a place of action.

As we become aware of an action, we can choose to focus our attention on it and complete it. We can choose to:

  • take one task today that we have neglected
  • do it
  • actually finish it completely¬† . . .
  • and now – the bit we usually forget – stop. Take time to appreciate its completion.

This is Mindful Monday at Essence Cheltenham on Monday 9 July.

If you live in Cheltenham or nearby, join Sara Shailer and Julie Hill for an evening of mindfulness in the outdoors (weather permitting) on Monday 30 July. Please contact us for details.


One thought on “Tomorrow, I will . . .

  1. Nasos Chatziliadis says:

    A great trick to beat procrastination, first introduced to me by Mel Robbin’s Ted talk, is the 5-second rule. It’s incredibly easy to do, everyone can do it at any time and it’s free. Whenever you know you have to do something but you don’t feel like doing it, start counting down from 5 to 0 and at 0 imagine yourself doing it. This trick helps me with, for example, getting out of bed immediately after my alarm clock rings and Mel claims that it also helps with anxiety.


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