Change the world

Listen. Change the world.

I am sure your day is full of many different things – including a variety of conversations with different people, whether in-passing or more in-depth.

‘In-passing’ conversations might happen with a cashier in a shop, the delivery man at your door or members of our household while waiting for the kettle to boil.

In-depth conversations might be planned or unplanned, with someone we know or hardly know – and we probably think of them as taking more than a few minutes. We probably also expect them to be about things that really matter to us or the other person.

But may be it isn’t the duration of a conversation that matters but the attention we give a conversation. It could be planned or unplanned, short or long, with someone we know or don’t know. The question is what happens if we give the person we are in conversation with our full attention?

Listen to the other person. In being present in that moment you – and they – will find joy. It’s called being in relationship. It is a special thing that costs our attention and changes everything.

Among people I am fortunate to know who are good at listening is my brother. And it is his birthday today. Happy Birthday Dave – and thanks for being a great listener!

This is Mindful Monday from Essence Cheltenham on Monday 25 June 2018.

Join Sara Shailer and Julie Hill tonight for an evening of mindfulness – on the theme of listening. It is at the Oasis in Cheltenham, 7.30-9 pm.


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