Tyre tracks

tyre tracks

Tyre tracks? When things happen that impact us emotionally it can feel like tyre tracks. The usual level pathway of our emotions is disrupted, gouged out, and prone to muddiness should there be any rain!

This is Essence Cheltenham’s Mindful Monday post – but it is on a Tuesday! The delay is the tyre tracks of living.

While I was with a close friend at the weekend, they were taken poorly and, after a call to 999, blue-lighted to hospital. I was pleased to be with my friend. But I recognise an emotional tyre track from the day. All is not level within.

Mindfulness trains us to notice, to be aware, to observe – rather than suppress. This is the start of a journey back to well being. Now I need to make some adjustments, where I can, to what I am doing this week

Any tyre tracks for you? Recognise them – it’s the start of a journey to better well being.

This is Mindful Monday – on Tuesday 12 June 2018!

Join Julie Hill and Sara Shailer for an evening of mindfulness (with a focus on listening) on Monday 25 June, 7.30 to 9 pm.





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