Favourite clothes


My favourite clothes are those that have been through the wash dozens of times – and this week I was momentarily gutted when I spotted an irreparable hole in a ten-year-plus pair of shorts.

The fabric of older clothes tends to be soft – and extra comfortable to wear. I also know the wash instructions without even looking – and what else they go well with from my wardrobe.

There is a term that the female beauty industry repeats incessantly. It’s anti-ageing.

The implications is that there is something bad about ageing – and the beauty industry has been peddling a lie for a couple of decades that you can somehow ‘stop the clock’.

I am getting older. You are getting older. Every second, minute, hour, day. I seek to live life in those seconds, minutes, hours and days. It is a privilege.

May be along the way I too will ‘soften’, understand the art of living a little more and find more about the ‘fit’ of life that works.

Join me and embrace ageing. It is a change that happens anyway and we can choose to fight it (and fail) or explore it (and live life in its fullness).

More on becoming irreparable one day in another piece!

This is Mindful Monday on 4 June 2018.

If you live in or near Cheltenham, join Sara Shailer and Julie Hill for an evening of mindfulness on Monday 25 June 2018.




One thought on “Favourite clothes

  1. Margaret Didcote. says:

    Yes- every day has something to give joy, even at the age of 82, (and counting)! Hopefully we all soften and are more comfortable to be with .


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