In the dark

Dark beneath the surface

We can sometimes feel like we are in the dark, in a dormant place. We might sense we have potential and yet the season of our lives seems to be unproductive.

We met for an evening of mindfulness last Monday, including reflecting on the life-cycle of a flowering bulb.

We notice all the Spring bulbs when they are flowering but that is a short time in the overall annual cycle. They have been dormant in the ground during autumn, they have been in cool weather over the winter establishing roots – nothing to show above the surface. The winter is an important season when – in the dark, below the surface – the bulb can put down its roots. And then after flowering in the Spring, the leaves dry out and send nutrients to the bulb with the flowering forming in the bulb once again.

The bloom is evident for a short while but preparations are happening for that time throughout the year.

What’s the point? We too need to rest at times, to be dormant. We too need to be nurtured – sometimes in a dark place even! – to put down a good root system. Don’t shun these seasons but embrace them. For it is from them that there is healthy growth – and we bloom.

This is Mindful Monday on 23 April 2018. If you live in Cheltenham or the surrounding area join us for an evening of mindfulness on Monday 14 May 7.30-9 pm.

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