Growing happiness

CompassionI liked Ruby Wax as a comedian and chat show host two decades ago and now enjoy discovering what she is doing more recently. This has included gaining a master’s degree in cognitive therapy from Oxford University and an OBE for services to mental health.

She has just written a book called How To Be Human: The Manual. It is based on a year and a half’s worth of research, discussing how to be a happier human with a neuroscientist and a monk – I like the multi-disciplinary approach of science and spirit. And I have just seen an interview of her talking about the book and she said it is a comedy book too! I plan to get it and read it.

From what I have heard Ruby say about her discoveries – or read about them – these are three things that connect with living an aware – or mindful – life that she highlights. We can learn how to be

  • compassionate to ourselves – and when we are compassionate to ourselves we can be compassionate to others
  • focussed, rather than distracted – at least at times (remember that compassion thing!)
  • smart about understanding what our body is telling us about our emotions

And the result? These ring true as some of the things that help us to understand ourselves better, relate to others better and fundamentally be happy. More on anything specific that strikes me when I have read the book!

This is Mindful Monday at Essence Cheltenham on 29 January 2018.

Join us tonight for an evening of practicing being mindful at the Oasis Centre in Cheltenham, 7.30-9 pm.

Find out more about Essence.

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